UAV Professional Development


UAVs are being seen more and more on TV and Film sets. Learn about the roles and responsibilities of professional pilots on a film set and how to capture the shots you want safely and reliably.

Real Estate Photo & Video

UAV’s have become the cornerstone of real estate imaging. this course establishes the fundamental skills required to operate safely and ensure that maximum benefit is gain from organisations looking to utilise UAV for real estate work.

3D Mapping & Data Processing

The use of UAV for mapping and surveying is a rapidly expanding sector.

Asset Inspection

One of the key uses for UAVs is in asset inspection. Learn from pilots with years of experience working with some of the biggest mining and engineering firms. Be prepared for entering the new opportunities that asset inspection present!s.

Precision Agriculture

The use of UAV for agriculture has tremendous implications for the industry. this course covers the key uses for UAV in agricultural setting including surveying, monitoring and weed spraying. Students will learn the key skills required to operate UAV’s safely and effectively in rural settings.

Environmental Monitoring

Increasingly UAV’s are being utilised for their ability to attain high quality environmental data quickly and cost effectively. From still imaging and video to LIDAR and thermal imaging this course explores the key technologies and skills required to monitor a range of environments.


Gain the skills and knowledge that you need to be confident in maintaining any UAV. Cover the many aspects of maintenance including soldering and voltage checking. This course will help take your UAV career to the next level.

Build Your Own FPV

Confused as to where to start with building your UAV? This course teaches you what you need to know to build your very own FPV Drone from scratch!