Sub 25kg UAV Type Training

Our sub 25 kg type training has been developed in collaboration with UAV industry experts Airsight Australia. The course allows Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) holders to learn the skills required to fly large UAVs safely and professionally. As you have already achieved your RePL, you will come the course with a basic understanding of what is required to fly UAVs, this course will complement these skills and give you the confidence to fly drones up to 25kgs.

*Please note this course is only available to RePL or Controllers Certificate holders.


UAVAIR’s sub 25kg type training incorporates all of the core skills and knowledge you will need to confidently operate a sub 25 kg Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS). This course covers;

  • At least 1-hour of flight time on DJI M600
  • All the training resources you will need
  • Basic maintenance of sub 25kg airframes
  • Safety risks of large airframes
  • Price: $1195
  • Much more!


  • Over 1 hour instructed piloting of a sub 25kg UAV
  • 1 day of remote pilot training
  • Course instruction by qualified UAV industry leaders
  • Basic maintenance
  • Pre and post flight checks
  • Safety
  • LiPo battery safety and management
  • Identify components of the aircraft
  • Assembly and disassembly of the aircraft
  • Half day of theory