What is a Drone License?

RPAS Licensing

A commonly misused term is ‘Drone Licence’, the truth is that a single ‘Drone Licence’ doesn’t actually exist. What the term is actually referring to is being fully qualified to fly drones legally in Australia. This requires a few qualifications, first of which is a Remote Pilot Licence. A Remote Pilot Licence is needed to operate RPAS above 2kg commercially, UAVAIR deliver this Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) license as part of our AVI30316 Certificate III in Aviation – Remote Pilot, Visual Line of Sight course, as well as our Remote Pilot License 7 day training.

After you have achieved your Remote Pilot Licence (RePL), you may need to complete Manufacturer’s Training to be qualified to operate specific RPAS, depending on your requirements (e.g. Matrice 600 Type Training).

Once these two steps are completed, you are able to fly for a certified company. If you, like many others, would like to start your own drone operating business then you will need an Operator’s Certificate for your business. See the linked pages and the CASA Certificate page for more information on all these qualifications.

Are you wondering which qualification is right for your needs? Try out our drone calculator. We have created a licensing calculator to assist in discovering which of our qualifications is best for your specific needs. Alternatively, you can call one of our licensing experts on 1300 893 340, or email us at