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Become a qualified drone operator and specialise in agricultural services

The agricultural industry has embraced the use of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) to gather useful information about their farms.

The data collected by professional drone pilots can help farmers and producers make more effective decisions, including:

  • Make more accurate profit forecasts.
  • Survey and analyse crop performance.
  • Accurately assess crop yields.
  • Quickly and effectively calculate post harvest drainage.
  • Asset management.
  • Cattle management.

Why RPAS technology is set to change the face of the agriculture industry

Before drone technology existed farmers had to rely on manual data collection and analysis.

This soaks up weeks of time and wasted money on unnecessary chemicals and nutrients.

But now, with RPAS technology, farmers can use specialised drones to get more accurate and cost effective data on their crops than ever before.

4 vital RPAS services for the agricultural industry

Fast and Accurate Crop Health Mapping

If a RPAS has integrated software, farmers can generate incredibly accurate data about the health of their crops.

Farmers can run the software using images retrieved by the drone to identify any areas where crop health can be improved.

Agricultural drone health mapping gives farmers unprecedented insights at an affordable cost.

Making calculated changes to crop management has never been so easy.

Simple Crop Yield Estimates

Drone generated images gives farmers the insight required to accurately estimate crop yield for the season.

The advent of this new drone technology gives farmers faster and cheaper yield estimates – which makes staffing decisions so much easier.

Accurate and timely crop yields also help farmers predict future profits – a huge asset for long term decision-making

Quickly and Precisely Assess Crop Damage

Storms and natural disasters can be crippling. Fast, effective action can be the difference between hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damages.

RPAS technology can help farmers figure out the extent of the damage to their crops and property in a mere fraction of the time required using traditional methods.

Drones need next to no time or labour, and the pinpoint accuracy of unmanned system results gives farmers the ability to make fast and well-informed decisions on how best to respond to an emergency.

Simple Assessment of Land Post-Harvest

The task of analysing the state of agricultural land after harvest used to strike dread into the hearts of any farmer.

Now, by using drone images and integrated software, farmers can get an ideal picture of the drainage in their field at any time before or after harvest.

Drone footage allows farmers to plan their next season’s crop and reassess their existing drainage systems. This saves a significant amount of time and labour in walking over the fields to assess it.

Using drone technology for livestock management

Farmers can save hours of time and hundreds on fuel by using RPAS technology to locate their stock.

RPAS can be flown over properties for a mere fraction of the cost of a helicopter or ute, and have the ability to locate stock hidden in dense bush with the aid of thermal imaging technology.

Thermal cameras set on RPAS can be set to a certain temperature to show the specific heat signatures of livestock- the technology can even help you find sick livestock.

How to find Drone jobs in the agriculture industry

After you complete your training with UAVAIR, you’ll be ready to qualify for your Remote Pilot License, which enables you to work with an aerial imaging company. Fortunately, the sector is fast-growing, with plenty of demand within the agricultural industry.

In addition, by completing a Remote Operator’s Certificate (ReOC) you would also have the opportunity to start your very own CASA Certified company, which could be used as a specific service provider for the agricultural industry.

If you yourself are a farmer looking to operate a drone for your own business – you can get yourself certified to fly a RPAS within weeks.

AgSkilled Subsidised Training NSW

UAVAIR are offering subsidised training for the NSW cotton and grain industries, as part of the New South Wales AgSkilled Program. Our flight foundations course is fully subsidised and our Certificate III in Aviation (remote pilot – visual line of sight) is partially subsidised. We can also work with local businesses and farms in developing tailored training solutions in regional and remote locations.

For more information contact us on 1300 893 340.

Start your career in one of the fastest-growing niches in the agriculture industry today

UAVAIR can help you qualify to start piloting drones within the agricultural industry in no time. Speak to a drone expert now on 1300 893 340 or schedule a call here.

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