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Become a qualified drone operator and start an exciting career in the Real Estate industry

Get your RPAS certification with UAVAIR

Drone technology is already enhancing the real estate business and qualified drone operators are already benefitting from this advancement.

The real estate industry are using remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS)  to strengthen the way properties are marketed and sold.

Market-leading real estate brands are using RPAS-certified drone pilots to gather aerial footage of properties in their portfolio, and with your RPAS licence – you can take advantage of the interest and boost your portfolio.

What you can do with your RPAS Licence in the real estate industry

You can use your RPAS Certification to pilot drones on behalf of real estate agencies to create engaging videos and images for their clients.

Using your RPAS licence, your skills can help real estate agencies:

  • Create dramatic and engaging aerial images.
  • Shoot video footage of high profile properties.
  • Highlight key property features to help prospective buyers.
  • Open up a brand new market of international customers by allowing digital ‘open houses’

4 ways you can use your UAV licence to help enhance the real estate industry

#1. Create high quality, inexpensive images that resonate with buyers

You’ll be able to operate high quality UAV equipment to create vivid and compelling images to increase consumer interest in properties.

House hunters are using the internet to research properties before buying, and agents understand the value drone images and videos can offer buyers in the browsing phase.

#2. Highlight key property features to get your potential buyers interested

The days of disengaging feature lists are over. RPAS technology gives real estate agents the ability to visually display property features filmed using RPAS technology.

Your UAVAIR training will help you learn how to visually demonstrate the sheer magnitude of a property, or the subtle details of its architectural design.

Real estate agents used to rely on high quality photography to capture property features. Drone technology has changed the game – and you can put yourself behind the controls.

#3 Beat the competition with high quality and engaging images

Using RPAS technology, RPAS operator can beat the competition with their engaging footage and unique images.

RPAS allow for photos to be taken at various angles and heights, limiting competitors who rely on static hand held cameras and video cameras.

Your compelling images will create more interest in properties, leading to more sales and hedging out other agents or real estate photographers.

#4 Save Time and Money

Real Estate photography no longer needs to rely on heavily edited photographs or specialised photos taken at certain angles to accentuate a property’s features.

RPAS certification will allow you save both time and money in editing and staging photos.

RPAS Certified Pilots can generate several high quality images of real estate from a range of angles and heights, all in the one day.

A pilot controlling the RPAS remotely means you can work on multiple properties in a day, and get the images and footage to your client in under 24 hours.

Interested in advancing your career with UAVAIR?

By completing UAVAIR’s Certificate III in Aviation, Remote Pilot – Visual Line of Sight course you will receive your Remote Pilot License (RePL) – this allows you to work with an aerial imaging company.

In addition, by completing a Remote Operator’s Certificate (ReOC) you would also have the opportunity to start your very own CASA Certified company, which gives you the chance to become a specific service provider for the real estate industry.

If you plan to fly very small drones, under 2kg, Flight Foundations is another option. This two day course teaches for the basics and deems you or your agency eligible for RPAS Insurance from QBE Insurance.

If you yourself are a real estate agent looking to operate a drone for your own business – you can get yourself certified to fly a RPAS within weeks.

Are you a real estate agency owner considering the value of drone footage to advertise your properties?

RPAS technology offers forward-thinking real estate agencies a level of freedom and access the industry has never seen before.

If you or someone from your team completes UAVAIR’s training and successfully obtains a Remote Operators Certificate – you can get the jump on competitor agencies and save stacks of cash on costly open houses and photographers.

Are you a freelancer looking for new opportunities?

RPAS are used within the real estate industry for the purposes of selling properties. If you want to start completing freelancing drone jobs you will need to organise a Remote Operators Certificate or operate very small RPAS under 2kg.

Your skills can be used by individuals selling their properties privately to give them an upper hand when selling, or work with real estate organisations completing regular jobs for them.

Join the real estate industry as a commercial photographer now

UAVAIR can help you qualify to start piloting drones within the real estate industry in no time.

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