Using Drones in the Surveying Industry

Become a qualified drone operator and start an exciting career in the surveying industry

Join a booming industry – become RPAS Certified today.

The surveying and mapping industries have jumped on the opportunity to use new RPAS (drone) technology to create detailed and accurate data for a myriad of projects.

This is the time to get on board. You can complete jobs in a range of industries requiring accurate positional data – in a section of the industry experiencing growth.

Complete training with UAVAIR and after just weeks of study, you’ll be ready to qualify for your Remote Pilot Licence (RePL). This qualification is offered in conjunction with an AVI30316 Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot – Visual Line of Sight).

After achieving your Certificate III in Aviation – Remote Pilot – Visual Line of Sight, we recommend you then complete our Foundations of Aerial Surveying, two day course. Our Foundations of Aerial Surveying Course is perfect for the those interested in this industry segment- in this course you will become familiar with using RPAS for surveying purposes. This drone training course will teach you how to obtaining volumetric data which is useful in a multitude of industries including civil construction, mining and quarries, earthwork projects.

This course will teach you how to use a truly revolutionary product from Propeller Aero. This technology allows you to capture images, using RPAS, suitable for processing through cloud based software. You will also be taught how to interpret this data, and effectively report on the results.

How will RPAS Certification expand your surveying career?

Shorten the surveying process and embrace the opportunity

Reduce time and money spent on heavier and ineffective machines with RPAS technology. Drones are light and transportable, which makes the entire surveying process so much easier.

You can increase productivity by completing projects quickly – and you only need one qualified employee to get the job done. If you are a freelancer, or a surveying professional, now is the time to learn the Foundations of Aerial Surveying.

Are you working in the surveying industry and want to use advanced technology to complete ground work and process images? Read on!

Create highly accurate and superior data to improve your business decisions

Previously, surveyors were restricted to two options – on the ground with heavy equipment, or in the air with expensive, limiting aircraft.

RPAS gives you access to a light, transportable system with in-depth data, and no expensive aircraft.

The images you capture with your RPAS are precious nuggets of data gold. Image processing technology can provide incredibly useful information for a broad range of industries. Critical decisions can be streamlined and informed as a direct result of the data you can capture with RPAS training.

You can learn how to use image processing technology in our Foundations of Aerial Surveying Coursesign up today.

What exciting careers can you start when you are RPAS Certified?

When you complete your RPAS Certification and Foundations of Aerial Surveying Course with UAVAIR, you have the incredible opportunity to work in the following industries –

  • Civil Construction
  • Mining and quarrying
  • Land Development
  • Environmental Studies
  • Agriculture

What will you be able to do within these industries?

Civil construction

• Bulk earthworks volumes
• Construction progress recording and stakeholder communication
• Environmental monitoring

Mining and quarrying

• Stockpile volumes
• Asset mapping
• Rehabilitation monitoring

Land development

• Subdivision planning
• Construction phase including bulk earthworks, stage completion recording
• Sales plans imagery

Environmental studies

• Flora and biomass studies
• Fauna habitat, counting and spotting
• Land and intertidal environments


• Crop scouting
• Land planning
• Agronomy data capture

What are you waiting for? Join a thriving industry today with UAVAIR.

Interested in advancing your career with UAVAIR?

After you complete your training with UAVAIR, you’ll be ready to qualify for your RePL (Remote Pilot License). This qualification gives you the ability to work with an aerial imaging company straight away. Fortunately, the sector is fast-growing, and there’s increasing demand for RPAS skilled professionals within the surveying industry.

Our Foundations of Aerial Surveying Course will set you far above the rest – you will have specific skills and experience in a niche section of the RPAS industry. This course will teach you how to use your experience specifically in the surveying and mapping industry.

In addition, by completing a Remote Operator’s Certificate (ReOC) you would also have the opportunity to start your very own CASA Certified company. This means you can start your own business as a specific service provider for the surveying industry.

If you yourself are a surveying agent looking to operate a drone for your own business – you can get yourself certified to fly a RPAS within weeks.

Join the surveying industry as a commercial drone operator now

If you’ve ever had the dream of working with absolute freedom and creative vision – this job is for you.

UAVAIR can help you qualify to start piloting drones within the surveying industry in a matter of weeks.

Our Foundations of Aerial Surveying course will help turn you into an RPAS surveying expert.

You may also need to complete specific Manufacturer’s Training courses depending on the brand and weight class of the UAV you intend to fly.