RPA Operator’s Certificate

RPA Operator's Certificate

A Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC) is required by any business that wants to operate drones commercially. The process to obtain a Remote Operator Certificate requires you to submit your company procedure and policies to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) for review and approval. CASA provides a template that makes the generation of this document fairly straightforward. There is a fee that CASA requires to process your application. They will review your application and ensure it is valid and your company is compliant.

In order to be eligible to submit an application for an ReOC, you must firstly be licensed to fly yourself as an individual. This CASA licence is the Remote Pilot Licence. We at UAVAIR deliver this Remote Pilot Licence training in conjunction with our Nationally recognised Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot, Visual Line of Sight) qualification, which also gives graduates a 2nd CASA licenced outcome, Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate. Alternatively, you can achieve this CASA licensed outcome by completing our 7 day Remote Pilot License training course.

Once you have been approved by CASA and your company has obtained an ReoC, you are officially ‘licenced’ to fly drones. Australia drone licensing is controlled by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

Are you wondering which qualification is right for your needs? Try out our drone calculator. We have created a licensing calculator to assist in discovering which of our qualifications is best for your specific needs. Alternatively, you can call one of our licensing experts on 1300 893 340, or email us at

Do you wish to establish a drone services company? We can provide you with advice on what you need to do in order to achieve your goal. If you will be working for yourself, not under someone else’s RPA Operator Certificate (also known as uav operator certificate or casa uav operators certificate), it is up to you to achieve this casa uav operators certificate before conducting work. The first step in achieving your RPA Operator’s Certificate (also known as casa uav operators certificate) is to gain your Remote Pilot’s License (previously known as the Controller’s Certificate) CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) license. We offer the Remote Pilot License as part of the Certificate III in Aviation, Remote Pilot – Visual Line of Sight qualification. Completing this course is the first step in achieving your RPA operator’s certificate (uav operators certificate) and setting up your own drone services business.

Once you have obtained your Remote Pilot License, as part of our Certificate III in Aviation – Remote Pilot, Visual Line of Sight, you are then ready to progress onto your RPA Operator’s Certificate (uav operators certificate) application with CASA.

In order to submit your application for your RPA Operator’s Certificate (previously uav operator’s certificate) you will need to complete CASA’s application forms 101-02 and 101-04, which can be found on the CASA website. Along with these forms you will also need to submit supporting documentation including your RPAS operations manual and RPAS operations procedures. Upon submitting this paperwork you will need to pay CASA an assessment fee. Once this is done CASA will be in touch to organise an interview.

Upon successful completion of the above, you will then be issued with your RPA Operators Certificate (previously, UAV operators certificate). You are then able to operate your drone commercially, and employ others with their Remote Pilot License to work under your Operator’s Certificate.