Rob – Professional Photographer

UAVAIR Alumni Club

Flight Foundations

Robert completed Flight Foundations with us in April 2017. He is a very talented photographer and has his own business called Shot by Rob Photography. Curious about expanding his skills, he decided to complete our two day Flight Foundations course and learnt the fundamental skills required by become a sub 2kg drone pilot. We sat down with Rob to have a bit of a chat about how he is using drones in his existing business. Here is our interview.


So Rob, firstly tell us a little bit about your background and business.

Shot By Rob Photography started a little over 6 years ago. I had my own business for 22 yrs, and when my regular photographer retired I decided to fill the void myself. I had always had a deep interest in photography, so after attending the Australian Centre for Photography for a couple of years, I sold my business and decided to make photography my full time pursuit. I am currently employed by the Australian Racing Drivers Club as the track photographer at Sydney Motorsport Park, covering national and International motorsport events such as V8 Supercars, Superbikes etc. I am also a correspondent for both NRMA Caravan and RV and Caravan + Motorhome magazines.


What has been your favourite assignment?

My best assignment was shooting the complete length of Fraser Island, top to bottom, for Kingfisher Bay Resort’s over a 10 days period. This really established my passion for beautiful landscapes, wildlife, and nature.


Why did you decide to look into the possibility of adding drone footage to your businesses product offering?

I decided that a drone would add another amazing dimension to my work, both for video and to establish a range of exciting POV’s. I bought a Phantom 4 Pro, after reading the specs it looked like a more serious vision gathering device, and then immediately set about my education. That’s when I found UAVAIR.

The learning experience outlined by UAVAIR resonated with what I wanted to learn, and I wasn’t disappointed by the Foundations of Flight 2-day course. I must admit that I was horrified to think that I had flown my drone prior to taking the course, because what I learned about my responsibilities, both legal and social, has made me take a much more serious view on how and where I fly. The course also opened my eyes to the professional side of flying drones, and I was really happy with Andrew, Paul and David’s presentations and their ability to engage and connect with the students. To be honest, I had thought that 2 days of predominantly classwork was a bit like going back to school, and was going to be a bit tedious, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was enthralling, and I loved it so much I am enrolling in the next phase of drone education in order to acquire my RePL pilots licence.


We are so glad you enjoyed the course and got value from the training. What’s next for you?

I am about to embark on a 3-month circumnavigation of Queensland and with my drone safely packed I can’t wait to start filming the amazing outback of Australia.