Meet a UAVAIR Graduate

Daniel Smith is the youngest graduate to complete the UAVAIR’s Certificate III in Aviation. At the age of 17 he developed the First Response Emergency Drop (FRED) Drone for a School Certificate project. This drone was capable of delivering a floatation device to a drowning patient, saving valuable response time. He decided then that he wanted to learn to fly drones and pursue a career in the industry. ‘Once I got in contact with UAVAIR, they provided me with everything I needed to become a qualified pilot and to start working with drones.’

He completed the course at 18 years old and is now working in the industry part time while he studies at University.

‘I love being involved with the wide variety of applications that drones can be used for, and it’s exciting to be a part of innovative projects to solves problems using drones.’

Daniel studies Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics at the University or Newcastle while pursuing a career flying and developing drones. He hopes to continue working in the field after he has completed his studies.